Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

Stars Above
Marissa Meyer
3/5 stars

Stars Above is a collection of nine short stories that are about the main characters from the Lunar Chronicles.  The one exception takes place in that same world, but with new characters.

Six of the stories tell an incident from the childhood of one or more of the main characters.  In addition to being uniformly downing, these stories do not add any thing new.  Each tale has already been told, albeit more briefly, in the four Lunar Chronicles books, and being expanded with multiple depressing details did not give any more depth to the characters or their history.

"The Little Android" is a retelling of the Little Mermaid, and it, too, was sad.  I honestly found it hard to finish.

"The Mechanic" retells the introduction of Kai to Cinder from his point of view; again, nothing new was revealed and it was of no interest to rehash that meeting.

"Something Old, Something New" was the only redeeming feature in this collection.  This story takes place two years after the end of Winter and brings all the characters together again for a wedding.  This was a lighthearted, enjoyable story that is sure to please the fans.

Meyer's prose was good throughout the stories, a solid four stars.  The lack of new plots, though, made this just an okay volume.  I recommend readers of the series to skip to the end of the book and read "Something Old, Something New", giving the rest a miss.

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