Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mexico: Stories by Josh Barken

Mexico: Stories
Josh Barken
4/5 stars
projected publication date: January 2017

Mexico: Stories is a collection of short stories that takes place in current-day Mexico.  In each story, the characters, simply going about their daily lives, are somehow affected by the corruption, brutality, and danger that are created by the drug cartels.

I will be frank: I did not enjoy reading Mexico.  I was not a good match for Barken's raw style or violent stories. Despite that, I must say that Barken is a fine writer.  The characters were fleshed-out and seemed so real they could have been based on actual people.  The plots were well crafted and compelling, drawing me back to read even while I disliked what I read. Though Mexico was not for me, I've no doubt that this collection will be a perfect fit for a great many other readers.

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