Sunday, August 14, 2016

An Autobiography by Agatha Christie

An Autobiography
 Agatha Christie
5/5 stars

Agatha Christie was born at the end of the Victorian era, and lived until 1976.  Her experiences as a child, in both World Wars, and helping her archaeologist husband  make for fascinating reading.  The details she remembers make her world come alive.

She wrote this autobiography as if she were conducting a conversation with the reader.  She fills it with memories, opinions, and chit chat.  At one point, she states, "I was severely criticized for not keeping to the subject" by her composition teacher, and her autobiography shows that she never grew out of this.  She rambles from one topic to another, then back again, with honesty and excitement.  As she unapologetically says, "one thing does so lead to another but why shouldn't it?"  The charm of the book is this wandering about, giving the reader such a vibrant picture of the woman behind the novels.

Despite it's length, I was never bored with her autobiography, as Christie's wit and warm personality make it a delight to read.

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