Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Top Five Wednesday: Books You Will Never Read

Top Five Wednesday is a Goodreads group.

Today's topic is: Books You Will Never Read.  I sort of hate to list these, as some will be favorites of fellow bibliophages, but here it goes.

1. The rest of the Hunger Games series
I read the first book, and it just didn't grab me, so I didn't finish the series.  (Please don't throw bricks through my window, folks!)

2.  The rest of the Twilight series
Again, I read the first book, and again it didn't grab me.  Frankly, I found it kind of icky.  (Again, no bricks, please!)

3. Haruki Murakami's novels
I want to like him so much!  He has such a devoted fan base and the books sound so fascinating, but. . . I have tried three different books--I even read the entire first volume of 1Q84--and I just felt lost and bored.  I've finally, after this third attempt, decided we are not fated.

4.  Any more Dickens
First off, let me say, I love Victorian literature.  Wilkie Collins is one of my top-ten favorite authors,  As for his good friend Dickens. . . His plots are great, but his prose is yawn-inducing.  I've read a wide variety of his works in high school and college and have yet to be anything but disappointed by them.  I keep trying, believe it or not.  I just find him dull.  

5.  Any more book about animals
I can not do it!  Animal books make me cry and I honestly have anxiety during the entire book.  Mom used to make me read some of the more famous ones, like Where the Red Fern Grows and Old Yeller, and I hated them as much as I feared them.  As soon as I could make my book choices myself, animal books never crossed my path.

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