Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Once Upon a Time Challenge V: Finished

I'm excited to participate in this challenge again.  I did so a few years ago, when I was book blogging on another blog, and found it a lot of fun.  Carl gives many choices of participation level, from no specific reading requirement to watching movie versions.  It makes it a challenge that everyone who loves fantasy, fables, and myths can participate in and have fun.

I'm choosing "Quest the Second" as my participation level:
Read at least one book from each of the four categories. In this quest you will be reading 4 books total: one fantasy, one folklore, one fairy tale, and one mythology. This proves to be one of the more difficult quests each year merely because of the need to classify each read and determine which books fit into which category. I am not a stickler, fear not, but I am endlessly fascinated watching how folks work to find books for each category.

I might read or watch the requirement for "Quest the Third", if I feel so inclined come June:
Fulfill the requirements for Quest the First or Quest the Second AND top it off with a June reading of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream OR a viewing of one of the many theatrical versions of the play. Love the story, love the films, love the idea of that magical night of the year and so this is my chance to promote the enjoyment of this farcical love story.

 Even if you have no desire to participate in a challenge, you really should go by Stainless Steel Droppings and see the fantastic artwork being used for this challenge, and check out his reviews.  I've gotten many a good book suggestion from this blog!

Challenge Progress: Completed
  • Fairy Tale: Juniper Berry by M. P. Kozlowsky; read 22 March 2011.  (review)
  • Fantasy: Lover Unleashed by J. R. Ward; read 31 March 2011
  • Folk Lore: American Vampire: Volume One, Scott Snyder and Stephen King, authors; Rafael Albuquereque, illustrator; read 25 March 2011. (review)
  • Mythology: The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood; read 25 June 2011. (review)


  1. Thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot! Wonderful to have you back in the challenge with us this year. I hope your book and viewing selections are enchanting! I'm currently in that 'what to read first' mode, because as usual I have more books that I want to read than I realistically have time to read. :)

  2. If I would just stop going to the library and to the bookstore for a month, just one month--okay, maybe two--then I think I could get a grasp on my TBR pile. But no. . . . And I blame it on the blogs I read (stares at Carl) because I get all these great suggestions from y'all and then I have to get them and read them! :P

  3. (Carl looks over his shoulder to see who is behind him, certain Gypsi isn't really staring at him) ;)

  4. Yeah, I could easily have written those first two comments... I have so much I want to read, I never know what to start with half the time and I read way too many library books and don't work on my TBR pile!