Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekly Geeks: Ten Things About Books and Me

This week's Weekly Geeks:
The idea is simple. Tell us ten things about you with regard to books and reading. Let your imagination run wild!
1. I taught myself to read at age 3.  Mom wasn't sure at first if I was reading or just had the book memorized but was relived to have a moment to read by herself instead of having to read to me.

2. When other kids were outside playing, I was holed up in my room reading.  When Mom forced me to go outside, I took a book with me and climbed a tree and read til I got stiff, hungry or fell out of the tree.

3. My first job (volunteer, then paying) was in our local library.  It was, and still is, my dream job.  It took me a bit longer than it should have to shelve the books, though, as I tended to flip through them as I was putting them up, just in case I might want to read it too.

4. In high school, when kids were experimenting with all kinds of illicit practices, I was carrying around a volume of the Complete Shakespeare for pleasure reading.

5. I'm still learning that when people see me reading and say, "hey, whatcha reading?" they don't really want to know if it requires a twenty minute dissertation on Victorian authors or various genres.   

6.  I never go anywhere without a book or my Kindle.  If I find myself stuck, I'll pull up an eBook on the eReader on my cell phone.

7.  Yes, I have a Kindle and am not ashamed.  I also buy regularly from the used bookstore, never pass any bookstore without a purchase, am an Amazon regular customer and weekly library patron.

8.  I generally have two, if not three, books going at the same time.  Always one fiction and one nonfiction and often another fiction on the Kindle.  At this time, I am reading one nonfiction ARC, one fiction from the library, one graphic novel, one fiction on the Kindle and two nonfiction on my Kindle for PC.  No, I never get them mixed up.

9.  My favorite genre is Victorian Sensationalism, followed by urban fantasy, which I've been reading since before it was called "urban fantasy".

10.  While I won't finish a book that doesn't hold my interest (life is way too short to waste on a mediocre book), I will reread a favorite book time and again (life is way too short not to read for pleasure).


  1. I love it!! I so agree with number five. Just like people ask "How are you" and don't expect a detailed account of your recent issues and triumphs, all people really want to know is the title and is it good. I just can't help myself though although I know well enough to stop when I get the glassy-eyed look. ;)

  2. I do get a kick out of strangers asking me what I'm reading. It's like a little rush of adrenaline.

  3. I love carrying a "SNOB" book while travelling. Gives me such a high, when people say, oh you reading Marquez?


    Here is my Sunday Salon/Weekly Geeks post!

  4. HA! That "hey watcha readin'" question gets me in trouble too. I usually have to explain something... and they are lost at the first word. Too funny.

  5. ooooh I adore this
    #1 is true for R and a LOT Of yours are true for me
    Gypsi have you ever considered a career as librarian - though you are too talented in your current career that it would be a great loss to the kiddos if you switched

  6. Kathmeista and Suey, I'm so glad I'm not alone. Seeing the glassy eyed look from doctors, coworkers, baristas, strangers. . . I keep saying that I'm going to start saying "Ophrah's latest pick" and let it go at that. :P

    Restlessreader, it is true, I get excited that I was asked and that's what gets me in trouble. :P If I could stick at just the title and author, but no I have to explain the whole genre of Victorian Sensationalism and . . . . .

    Guatami, I admit that I have been known to fly with novels like War and Peace or huge nonfictions (books I really am reading) instead of fluff novels. :P

    K, when I still lived in Asheville, I was working on a Masters so I could be a librarian. =D