Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Eyes of the Dragon

The Eyes of the Dragon
Stephen King
Publisher: Signet (April 10, 2001)
4/5 stars

When I joined the Take a Chance Challenge, I knew exactly which book I'd read for the "Loved One’s Choice" book. Years ago, Bryan handed me The Eyes of the Dragon to read. I put it on my to-be-read shelf and apparently forgot all about it. He mentioned it again a few months ago and after a search, I located it and placed it in a prominent spot so I wouldn't pass it over this time.

Unlike King's usual novels, The Eyes of the Dragon is not full of horror or gore or even profanity. It is an almost gentle story; a fairy tale told with restraint by an unknown narrator who often speaks to the reader personally, as though the tale were being told by a storyteller to a breath-baited audience.

The story is that of a weak king, his evil magician adviser and his two sons. I really don't wish to tell any of the plot; I'd rather you read it yourself. Suffice it to say that bad things happen, worse things are thwarted, heroes show themselves stalwart and dangerous situations make even the weakest strong when it counts.

The Eyes of the Dragon is not a quick read, the language is too rich and reminiscent of vintage fairy tales to allow for that. Instead, it's a book to read slowly, savor and enjoy the experience of being in a fairy tale world.

My complaints were minor, if any, because now that the book is finished I can't remember them. Instead, I remember only that I loved the hero with great devotion, hated the villain with pure hatred, and was sorry when my visit to the land of Delain was over.

(I must add that I thoroughly enjoyed King's quiet nod to the master of the horror story, H. P. Lovecraft. Very amusing for Lovecraft fans, non-intrusive for those not in the know. Well played!)


  1. If you liked this, I have a feeling that you actually might like the Dark Tower Series. Its not full blown horror and the main character is Roland, the last gunslinger. Flagg, of course, makes an appearance as he always does in King's work.
    I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I'll have to remember that series, then.

  3. It pleases me (and I imagine it must please your husband) that you enjoyed this so much. This is one King book I haven't read, but it sounds like it is worth checking out.