Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lightweight but lucid

First of all, A Libertarian View of Modern Politics is not a book. Coming in at less than 4000 words, it is barely an essay, so don't presume 99 cents is going to get you some good meaty Libertarian arguments to chew on. What Mr Brockman does bring is a brief overview of his own thoughts regarding certain topics of the day. The title promises A Libertarian View of Modern Politics, and you get precisely that - one Libertarian's view on a few current issues.

Mr Brockman appears to be very young, and very serious about his beliefs. One can imagine him busily scribbling these thoughts down so he won't get tongue-tied in a dorm-room bull session. But for all his seriousness and hard work, asking someone to edit would have paid - I noticed several errors of syntax and spelling. For example, he consistently uses 'worse' when he means 'worst'.

But these are mere nits. Mr Brockman is at least thinking, and thinking much more clearly than most people. Further he is practicing Capitalism by managing to sell his thoughts at 99 cents for fifty pages. I don't begrudge him that- I applaud him, and I urge you to buy his work to encourage his future. When he produces a work at ten times the length with ten times the scholarship, I can tell it will be worth ten times the price.

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