Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Winter by Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer
4/5 stars

Winter is the final installment in the Lunar Chronicles.  Princess Winter's history, which is revealed in this volume, is a retelling of sorts of the Snow White story.  She joins with Cinder, as Cinder and her friends try to start a revolution on Luna to overthrown Queen Levana.

Winter is a fast-paced novel, with much action and adventure.  At times, it seemed redundant and over long (it is over 800 pages), but overall, both the flow and the storytelling were good.  I had expected a slightly different ending, and was somewhat disappointed with the actual conclusion.  It was good, but I felt that there was one end that could have been tied up much more neatly than it was.  Other than that, it was a worthy end to this enjoyable series.

Cinder, the first in this series, was not well-written.  In an interview, Meyer states that she grew as an author over this series, and that is apparent.  She even admitted that the author she was when she wrote Cinder could not have written the complex Winter.  Cinder was a mediocre novel, but Winter was, while not five star worthy, a good and pleasurable read.  I'm glad I stuck with the series and do recommend it.

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