Monday, October 31, 2016

The CEB Women's Bible

The CEB Women's Bible

5/5 stars

This edition is truly excellent. The CEB translation is both accessible and well-researched. The study guides are well-written, designed for a layperson yet with scholarly insights. It is referred to as a "women's" study Bible, and does gear some of the features towards women, and has a panel of women writers.

 It includes introductions to each book, giving background information and noting themes; "reflections" before chapters, briefly explaining what the section will be about; more than 200 sidebar articles which expound on Biblical themes, social issues or personal relationships, with an index in the back for these articles; character sketches of over 100 Biblical women, with an index in the back listing each portrait; "discussion and reflection questions" for each Sunday of the church year, broken into year A, B, and C; three reading plans; and a section of maps with an index of place names. 

Overall, this is a comprehensive study Bible that encourages and enables the reader to delve deeper into the history, themes, and meanings of the various books. I am extremely pleased with it, and can honestly say that I like it best of the many versions and translations I have owned.

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