Friday, October 28, 2016

Three Mysteries

Well-Schooled in Murder
Elizabeth George
4/5 stars
This is one of the Inspector Lynley novels.  It started with finding the tortured body of a schoolboy, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to read it.  It turned out to be a well-crafted, well-written mystery.  The more I read by George, the better I like her.

Diamond Solitaire
Peter Lovesey
4/5 stars
A child is found in Harrods, and no one comes forward to claim her.  Ex-CID Diamond falls under the spell of the unwanted child and makes it his personal mission to uncover her identity. I nearly gave up on this one, as it is SO different from the first Peter Diamond mystery.  I stuck with it, though, and am so glad I did.  The plot occasionally strained credulity, but it was funny and interesting, and I enjoyed it tremendously.  I'm looking forward to more Diamond mysteries.

Swing, Brother, Swing
Ngaio Marsh
4/5 stars
Marsh always acquaints the reader with the principal players in advance of the crime, and does so expertly in this mystery. The solution to the murder was a little bit far-fetched, but the journey to the denouement was a great deal of fun.

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