Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters That I'd Name My Children After

I just discovered the Top Ten Tuesday Meme while browsing another book blog and this past week's topic was so fun that I decided I had to join in!

The topic was the top ten literary characters that I would name my children after, if (of course) I had children. Here's my list of ten, not in any particular order:

1. Rissa (female) or Tregare (male), from F.M. Busby's series.

2. John Galt from Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

3. Markasset (male) from the Gandalara Cycle by Garrett and Heydron.

4. Dream or Morpheus (male) or Delirium (female) from the Sandman mythology by Gaiman.

5. Éomer (male) or Éowyn (female) from the Lord of the Rings mythology.

6. Caspian from the Narnian mythology.

7. Maxim from Du Maurier's Rebecca.

8. Mina from Stoker's Dracula.

9. Margolotta or Kaos from Pratchett's Discworld universe.

10. Severus from the J.K. Rowling Potterverse.

Good thing we never had kids, huh?


  1. Excellent. I thought very seriously about naming one of my girls Linnet after the Green Knowe books, but that wouldn't have been a good idea.

  2. One of our favorite names, eh, Mom?!

    Jean: I know a Lynette, but obviously spelled differently. I've never read that series, but I just looked it up. I'm going to see if our library has it.

  3. excellent
    You know I actually know of Lord of the RIngs namesakes
    my good friend is called Arwen and her sister is Eowyn
    and I think you know of a Rohan

  4. I considered writing "Rohan", but that one was already taken! :P