Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekly Geeks: Love is in the Air

Discovered another meme, I can't remember where, called Weekly Geeks. I've been keeping an eye on it for a while, to see if there was a topic I wanted to post on and this week was a winner. The topic suggestions were various and love themed and ended with "anything love related you can think of"; having seen a few posts today on Literary Crushes, I thought I'd jump in with mine too!

I can still remember my first fictional crush: Jim Frayne from the Trixie Belden mystery series. He had red hair and green eyes and freckles and despite being kinda skinny, I just thought he was the fleas knees! (Interesting, thinking it over, that I married a red head.)

Then, of course, there was Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables. I didn't like him when he was young, of course, but once he stopped the hair pulling and got sick, I thought he was dreamy.

Then, there was Sherlock Holmes. For a kiddo with Asperger Syndrome and aspirations toward being a detective, the non-emotional, completely rational most famous detective of all was a natural crush. As an adult, I find Doyle's writing to be a bit patronizing, and I don't find it so amazing to have Holmes solve a mystery by withholding information from Watson (and the reader), but then. . . Oh, I thought he was just fantastic!

In high school, I discovered the classics in general and Jane Austen in particular. I fell for Darcy, Knightly and Captain Wentworth, with the last still being a lasting crush.

Then, I discovered the swashbuckling adventure novels. I tumbled head over heels for Rassendyll (Prisoner of Zenda), all the Musketeers, and even grizzled, old Quatermain.

As a married adult, J. K. Rowling came on the scene with the greasy, snarky, unlovable Snape (NOT Alan Rickman; I don't watch the movies) and he became the crux of many a good-natured argument between my husband and I. I couldn't help it; he was just my kind of difficult man. Perfect crush material.

Then we read Tolkien together. . . Aragorn and √Čomer. . . I think we were BOTH crushing on them. We've decided to run away and be Riders of Rohan together for certain. Shield Maiden for me, but principle is nearly the same.

Bringing us up to now is Morpheus, Dream, the Sandman. . . Gaiman's lead character in an amazing fantasy world complete with a full mythology. It's hard not to fall for moody, brooding, often sarcastic and always goth-y Dream. Except, apparently for my husband, who fell for his sister, Death. *rolls eyes*

*note: The Snape fan art is "Avada Kedavra" by ellaine on DeviantArt.


  1. I think Holmes was my first literary crush as well. The Austen men are just fantastic. I need to re-read Pride and Prejudice soon.

  2. Snape as literary crush - very interesting! He is a fun 'bad boy,' isn't he?!

  3. Ruth, I'm glad to see I'm not alone! His intelligence just made Holmes very attractive to a younger me.

    Dawn, Snape has a HUGE fan-fic following, most of whom just choose to ignore Rowling killing him off. My husband and I had huge debates over whether or not I was right and he was going to turn out to be a good guy in the end. We were reading the book together, and when we got to That Part, I turned to my husband and shouted "SEE!!!!". :p

  4. Holmes Mmmmmmmmmm
    Have you seen the New Sherlock holmes from PBS - he is the guy who played the lead role in Atonement

    Another one I love is Inspector Lyney from the Elizabeth George series( the DVD's are there in the library for free)
    Adam Dagleish is too cold for me

  5. I forgot about Dalgleish or I would probably have added him. . . He is cold but I've still had a soft spot for him. You've mentioned the Lyney series before. I definitely must try it!

  6. Dalgleish ... I had almost forgot about him. I'm going to tell my age with this name - Rhett Butler was my first fictional crush.

  7. How could you have for gotten A.D., Mom?!

    I considered adding Rhett, but I think my crush was more on Clark Gable's version than the book version.