Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Salon: Week in Review

Musings for this week's Sunday Salon.

Gave up on another novel this past week: Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson.  I read her second novel, the Summer Before the War, and other than wondering why it had been misnamed, thoroughly enjoyed it (5 star read).

Major Pettigrew is her first novel. The writing is good, and I was quite interested in the relationship between Major Pettigrew and Mrs. Ali.  I was not, however, interested in the other conflicts in the book.  I kept getting bogged down with these episodes, skimming pages and trying to get back to Mrs. Ali.  Finally, I decided to skip to the last chapter and call it quits.

I managed to buy nine books this week.  Nine.  I bought books at the used bookstore, the thrift store, Sam's Club and the Dollar Tree.  I'll never get all I've got read, thanks to the library book sale last month and going overboard this week.  I've got to give myself a book buying ban again.

After I wrote this, I remembered the tenth book I bought this week, using the Amazon Prime Day discount, so the grand total of books purchased is ten.  I really need to slow down!

Speaking of the local used bookstore, here is what is looks like:

It was a good week for reading; I read and thoroughly enjoyed three novels, and am enjoying the one I started last night (a Court of Thorns and Roses).

Plus I'm listening to Agatha Christie's Autobiography and it is fantastic.  She was born in the tail-end of the Victorian age, and has so many interesting things to tell about her childhood.  I'm not up to the Great War yet, so I don't know if her style will change as the book progresses, but so far it is engaging, delightful and informative!

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